Sara Monk is a Conscious Living Writer and Teacher, Certified Advanced Crystal Master, and Creator of the Crystal Companions Program. In her program, Crystal Companions, Sara leverages her seven years of crystal healing work and teaches her clients how to confidently integrate crystals into their daily lives so that they can begin to transform any facet of their lives with the assistance of their crystal companions.

Sara is professionally trained in Crystal Healing, Reiki, Decluttering, Clairvoyance and Mediumship. Sara has been featured in Spirituality & Health and The Citizen and can be found at She lives in Ontario, Canada, with her common-law partner and furry best friend. 

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In this article, Sara shares her step-by-step process to create a crystal pendulum wheel for a fun and creative way to receive guidance that's tailored to any question you might have.

In this feature, Sara talks a bit about her story and her healing practice.

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