What if you could sell your home quickly and attract your ideal buyer? Learn all about the energetics of selling your home inside this post. #energyhealing #spaceclearing #spiritualpath #energeticrealm #spiritualawakening #sellingyourhome #homeselling #decluttering #idealbuyer
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How to Energetically Prepare a Home for Sale: 9 tips to attract your ideal buyer

Ever walked into a home for sale that felt cluttered, cold, or uninviting? Chances are, you had a tough time envisioning yourself in that space, and you most likely walked away from it. 

When you are searching for your next home, you will most likely be more attracted to a house that feels clean, warm and inviting. And this is precisely what you want your home to feel like when it’s time to sell. 

If you are here, you are planning to sell your home soon, or your home has been on the market for a while now, and you are still waiting for that ideal buyer. Whatever the reason is, there are even more steps you can take right away to get your house sold to that ideal buyer as soon as possible. 

In this post, I’m going to talk about the energetics of selling your home, and I will cover 9 tips to attract your ideal buyer.

What if you could sell your home quickly and attract your ideal buyer? Learn all about the energetics of selling your home inside this post. #energyhealing #spaceclearing #spiritualpath #energeticrealm #spiritualawakening #sellingyourhome #homeselling #decluttering #idealbuyer

Conscious Action

Selling a home isn’t just about physically cleaning it, putting a for sale sign up, and hoping for your ideal buyer. Yes, you can do this, but hoping for a perfect buyer versus taking conscious action to attract them are two very different approaches that can greatly affect your home sale. 

By taking conscious action in the sale of your home, and getting yourself in alignment with your ideal offer and buyer, it is more likely you will attract them rather than just taking a chance and seeing what happens. 

How to energetically prepare a home for sale: 9 tips to attract your ideal buyer

There are a lot of factors at play when it comes to selling a home that could affect the quality of your sale, and that includes the energetic aspects. It’s important to note that the energetic aspects of selling a home are equally as important as the physical aspects. After all, everything is energy. Energy permeates through every aspect of our lives, and it’s important to take responsibility for the energy present in the home. 

When I put the steps into practice that I’m about to tell you about, I was able to sell our home – which had previously been on the market for several months – and receive the ideal offer and buyer we were looking for within two weeks.

The steps below aren’t in any particular order, as I worked on all of them around the same time. I found all the steps to be equally as necessary when it came to reaching our goals.

(1) Declutter

Buyers have a hard time visualizing themselves in a space when that space is full of your stuff

Truthfully, when I’m looking at homes for sale online, if the house looks cluttered in the pictures, I will quickly exit out of that listing. 

Remember when I mentioned a home that feels uninviting? Well, everything is energy, and every item you own has its own energetic vibration. Our belongings absorb the energy around it, which is why it’s so important to clear second-hand items before you bring them into your home. 

When a house is cluttered, it can feel very uncomfortable and uninviting for a potential buyer. The more items we have in a space, according to studies, the more people are stressed and anxious in that space. People who are very sensitive to energy can almost feel claustrophobic in a cluttered home. 

When you have potential buyers looking at your home, you want them to feel relaxed in that space not stressed out. 

Thankfully, there is a way to create an inviting space for potential buyers, and that is by decluttering your home. When you are decluttering your home, you can ask yourself questions like:

Is this item worth packing to move to another location? Have I used this item in the last couple of years? Is it an item that can be replaced if I decide I want another one in the future? If it has sentimental value, can I take a picture of it and let it go? 

Moving is a great time to take inventory of the things that are no longer in alignment with you and to let them go. When you let things go, you create space for new opportunities, people, and things to come in. 

Remember to declutter your yard and the exterior of your home as well.  And if you have already decluttered, I suggest you declutter some more. 

(2) Pack 

Don’t wait to sell your home to pack. You should pack first, and the sale will come. 

When you wait to pack, you are essentially telling the universe that you are there to stay. However, by taking conscious action and packing right away, you are stating that you are ready to move forward and upwards. You are showing the universe that you are serious about your goals. 

It’s a good idea to pack everything non-essential to your everyday lifestyle; this includes any family portraits and decor items you may have overlooked. And to take those things out of the space completely. 

After all, the selling process isn’t about you; it’s about the buyer. 

You want your ideal buyer to be able to visualize themselves in your space. 

It’s also a great time to do a deep cleaning in your home after packing. It makes it a lot easier to clean those cupboards and closets and to make sure they are spacious and empty.  

Pack and pack some more, because chances are you still have some things laying around that you don’t use on a daily. 

(3) Space Clearing

Have you ever walked into a home that felt uninviting, cold, and gave you the chills? Just by noticing these feelings, you are indeed feeling the energy present in the house. 

Energy builds up over time in a space if it’s not cleared out; this is called residual or stagnant energy. 

Residual energy in a home has the power to keep potential buyers away. And if your home does sell, you may not get the abundance you were asking for. 

You might not think you have stagnant energy in your home. But the truth is, we all have a certain degree of residual energy in our homes unless you are actively cleansing it out on a consistent basis. Why? Well, we all have great days and not so great days. And on those not so great days, whenever you get upset or angry, or yell, or gossip, or emit any lower frequencies into your space, the energy from those emotions build up. And they don’t go away until you clear it out. 

The concept of space clearing a home is not a new one. However, realtors in the United States are just beginning to recognize the value of space clearing a home when it comes to a house that has been on the market for a while. As you can guess, a home that is warm and inviting will sell a lot quicker, than one that is cold and uninviting. 

You can clear your home yourself, or you can hire a professional space clearer.  If you’d like to try it out yourself, I recommend that you use either sound or sage to clear out your space. You can check out my favourite cleansing tools on the Crystal Realm page; I use them to cleanse both my home and my crystals.

(4)  Write down your ideal offer

Be specific. Write down exactly what you are looking for in the sale of your home. You need to have the specifics down in order to attract your ideal offer. 

You want to consider things like the ease of the sale, how quick the house sells, the ideal possession date, the money you are looking for, and the type of people you want in your home. 

For our home sale, we were looking for:

A sale that was quick and easy, with a closing date in alignment with our highest good, and the abundance we were searching for or more. In addition, I was looking for someone who would fall in love with the house on first sight like we did. I wanted someone who would love our home just as much or even more in their own way. 

I’m happy to report that, after taking all of the steps here, we received exactly what we were looking for in the sale of our home.

(5) Ask for assistance

Write a letter to the angels and ask them to bring the ideal buyer your way.

Be sure to include all of the specifics of the ideal offer you are searching for that you wrote out above. At the end of your ideal offer, be sure to include “this or something better.” This statement is important because as human beings, we sometimes tend to limit what we believe we can have. And by adding “this or something better,” we open ourselves up to even better possibilities. 

You must request the assistance because the angels will not interfere in your life (except in life/death situations) because of free will. Free will is our right in this life. We create our realities through our free will. So always be sure to ask for assistance when working with the angels or spirit guides. The angels are happy to assist us in all things big or small. 

When you ask for assistance, it’s important to surrender the problem at hand. You must have faith that the angels are working on your behalf and that everything is going to work out for your highest good. 

Be sure to pay attention to any nudges, signs or messages that inspire you to take physical action. Often we will be guided to take tangible steps to move closer to our goals. 

For me, while I was meditating, I was guided to declutter and pack even more than I already had, which I talked about above. 

(6)  Shift Your Mindset

Keep your eyes on the prize. What we focus on, we attract. 

Turn your ideal offer into a positive affirmation. Repeat the affirmation consistently every day.

If you are new to positive affirmations, I recommend you check out my post called The Power of Positive Affirmations: 5 Ways to Work with Affirmations

You can even turn the positive affirmation into a song. And while you are saying or singing the positive affirmation, I recommend that you visualize it happening. See yourself putting the sold sticker on the sign. 

How would you feel if you sold your house right now at this moment? Allow yourself to feel that emotion and bring that feeling into your positive affirmations and visualizations. 

(7) Let go of your attachment to the home

If you are moving away from a home that you love (like I did), it can be difficult to detach yourself energetically and emotionally from the house. It’s essential that you do so, however; so that there is room for someone else to come in and love it. 

Getting to a place of acceptance about a move can take a bit of time; however, you can take action to let the universe know you are ready to begin to move forward. To do this, you will want to either speak to or write a letter addressed to your home. You will want to include: 

  • Acknowledgement of all the beautiful memories that took place in the house. You can even write out a gratitude list of all the things you are grateful for. 
  • State that it’s time for you to move on. 
  • Explain why you need to move on.
  • Talk about your next chapter and what you are looking forward to. 
  • Talk about who your ideal buyer is. Perhaps you can say that you hope to find someone who loves the house just as much as you do, or even more in their own way. 
  • Thank the home for all of its support throughout the years. 

By explaining the move to the home, it allows you to put things about the move into perspective for yourself, and it can help you to move forward

I loved my home, and as I watched the house disappear in my rearview mirror, I felt sad. But then, as I focused on the horizon ahead, I found myself excited about what was to come.

(8) Patience

Things will not always go the way you plan it. As David G. Allen says “Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.”

Trust that everything is working out in the order it is meant to. Perhaps there’s an action you need to take for your ideal buyer to find your home. Or maybe they have certain steps they have to take before they notice your home is on the market. Perhaps the timing is different than what you imagined so that a better opportunity comes your way when you move.  

By cultivating patience, you are more present, and it allows you to keep yourself open to the possibilities that arise. You never know when something even better than what you imagined will come your way. 

(9) Faith

And when you feel overwhelmed and unsure about when or how your house is going to sell, it’s important to trust the process

Trust that the angels are working on your behalf and that everything is working out for your highest good. Use the following positive affirmations:

  • The angels are working on my behalf.
  • Everything is working out for my highest good. 

Use these positive affirmations anytime you find yourself concerned about the process. Allow yourself to go with the flow rather than against it. 

All is unfolding as it should be, sweet friend. 

Our home sale

Our ideal offer wasn’t the first offer we received on the house. In fact, the first offer we received was complex with the condition to sell their home, it wasn’t love at first sight as they needed to look at it three times before committing, and it just didn’t feel right. 

At the time, it was the only offer we had received. So we had accepted it with the condition of an escape clause so we could continue to actively sell our home at the same time. I knew the first offer didn’t feel right, and I trusted that the universe provided the escape clause as a loophole for us to find that ideal buyer. 

Within a few days of accepting this deal, our ideal buyers showed up. They loved the house even before they saw it (like we did), and they met every single criterion we were looking for in our ideal offer that I wrote above. 

On the day they put in their offer, the initial buyer’s offer actually fell through. The buyers met all conditions within six days, and the house officially sold! Talk about a quick and easy sell (well, after I put the above steps into practice).

Our home had been on the market for several months, but as soon as I put the above steps into practice, we received that ideal offer and buyer we were searching for in just two weeks.

When that ideal offer comes your way, trust that it’s going to work out. Schedule a “House is SOLD” event in your phone on the date that the conditions must be met by. You can even change your realtor’s name in your phone to “house is SOLD.” 

Wishing you all the best with your home sale.

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With Love,

Featured Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba

What methods or resources have assisted you the most to attract your ideal buyer? Let us know in the conversation below.

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I'm a Writer, Entrepreneur, and Visionary dedicated to help you live your best life through Conscious Living. Learn More → 

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