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How to Quiet Mind Chatter to Receive Spiritual Guidance

Often we can get so caught up in thought that we become unaware of the world around us. Unaware of the signs, synchronicities, and guidance that our spiritual teams (guides and angels) are trying to send us.

When we circle thoughts over and over in our minds, it can become almost “deafening” internally.

You may be circling a problem you are having over and over in your mind. You may be replaying the words that were exchanged between you and someone else earlier in the day. You may be so concerned about what you have to do throughout the day or week, that you lose focus on the present.

No matter what it is, when you keep the mind chatter going, you may be missing out on guidance from your spiritual team that they are trying to get to you.

Guidance from your spiritual team can come internally in the form of thoughts, words, feelings, and images. Being in a relaxed state can be more beneficial to receiving spiritual guidance internally. A relaxed state allows for space between your thoughts – a space that allows you to listen or notice any guidance that your spiritual team may be trying to get through to you.

But let’s be honest, depending on the circumstance, it may not always be possible to be in a receiving state for internal guidance.

When you are in a time of stress and worry, it can be difficult to hear, see, feel and grasp any guidance from your spiritual team that they are trying to get through to you. Even if you can set aside your thoughts on the circumstance at hand, it can be difficult to differentiate what information is coming from the ego, and what information is coming from the spiritual. It can be easy to miss the guidance altogether. Also, it can be easy to second guess the internal guidance from your spiritual team.

When you are at that critical moment, and you have a hard time thinking straight, it may be beneficial to look outward.

Fortunately, guidance from your spiritual team is not limited to internal guidance. You can ask for external guidance.

Ask your spiritual team for a sign to receive validation or insight on your current circumstances.

To receive external guidance, it is important to quiet the mind chatter so that you can be present in the moment and mindful of your surroundings. Put your thoughts about the circumstance or situation aside for the time being, and trust that guidance will come. If not at that moment, in the days or weeks to come. The sign may not be exactly what you expect; keep an open mind.

Be present and mindful of your surroundings. This on its own can be very healing.

The story I am about to share with you was at a time that I required external validation from my spiritual team. No matter how much I tried to calm my mind to attempt to receive internal guidance, I could not step back to receive. I had to look outward and become centered in the present moment.

I would like to share the following story with you:

Last year, I was in and out of the hospital for about seven months. I had a rare illness caused by a vehicle accident. In brief, I had a tear in my lymphatic system causing all the lymph and chyle in the body to leak out in the abdomen. The illness is so uncommon that there weren’t any proven methods that would heal every person who had it. For that reason, there were individualized treatments. For months I had been limited to a 14grams of fat per day diet total, with antibiotics to be taken on a daily basis.

This time last year I went to the doctors office for my checkup appointment, and the doctor felt it was time to test out our healing method. He wanted me off antibiotics and to eat normal food again. I freaked out – I was so scared that the method we were using may not have been effective. If I wasn’t healed, I was looking at potential serious surgery that would affect my quality of living.

I didn’t feel ready, and my mind became “deafening.” I couldn’t stop thinking about it and feeling scared. I kept circling the “what if’s” in my mind.

My partner and I decided to go for a random drive to a national park called Riding Mountain in Manitoba. Riding Mountain is home to various wildlife, including animals such as bears, moose, wolves, elk. Driving through the national park is a hit and miss regarding whether you will have a chance to see one of these animals. The park is so big, so there are a lot of places they can be without being seen from the one road in that area that drives through it.

As we entered the park, I decided that I needed guidance. I wanted a sign, and I set a few parameters for my spiritual team.

Meaning of the sign: That it was safe to be off antibiotics and to eat normally again.

The sign was to be:

  • An Animal
  • Not one I commonly see on a day to day basis
  • Not a bird
  • Not a deer

As soon as I stated the parameters for the sign, a chipmunk ran across the road. A chipmunk is not an animal I commonly see in my town; it’s an animal, not a bird and not a deer. My partner said, “well that’s a weak sign.” Perhaps it was because of the size of the chipmunk. But nevertheless, the chipmunk fit the description I had asked for.

It fit the parameters of what I was searching for – but I felt I needed more confirmation. The result of being off antibiotics and eating normal again could mean a big change in my life.

I then asked my guides if they could send another sign to confirm that it was safe to be off antibiotics and to eat normally again. If not, then I would accept the chipmunk as the sign. But I could use more validation.

Just then, we saw our very first moose ever in the wild. And after that, we saw a fox, two moose, black bear…  The list goes on. It was as if my guides were sending out the animals as “here’s a sign, here’s another one, do you need more? Here’s another one”.

I had the validation I needed – and I went and ate my first meal of fries. And sure enough, I was healed – although it was not apparent right away and there is more of this story to come later. But what I wanted to share here, is that it was safe to be off antibiotics, and it was safe to eat normal again. I had healed.

My spiritual team made it very clear that day to me that it was time to move forward.

How to Quiet Mind Chatter to Receive Spiritual Guidance via Sara Monk #spiritualawakening #spiritualguides #angels
Photo Credit: Sara Monk

A Daily Exercise to Assist With Minimizing Mind Chatter and Receiving Spiritual Guidance:

(1) Go for a walk or sit outside

When you are outdoors, it can be easier to connect with your spiritual team. You are more grounded, and your spirit is uplifted from the fresh air.

(2) Quiet the mind chatter and be present.

Let go of your thoughts…

Relax your facial muscles and body.

Simply just be.

(3) Listen 

What noises do you hear around you?

If you hear a bird, what tree is the bird in? Are there more than one?

Find the source of the noises around you. Where are they coming from?

If you don’t stop and listen, it may be very difficult to notice the guidance your spiritual team is sending your way. It’s about quieting the mind chatter and being mindful of your surroundings – being in the present moment.

(4) Observe your surroundings

Notice the details of everything surrounding you.

Has a new flower bloomed in your yard?

What is happening around you?

Perhaps a dragonfly was around for a visit.

We often take advantage of the world around us. But it’s important to realize that the planet and everything on it is ever evolving and changing every moment of every day. Things are never the same. No two seconds are identical.

(5) Note any inspiration that you may receive

When you are in a relaxed state, it will be easier for your spiritual team to send you guidance both internally and externally.

(6) Repeat daily

Take the time each day even for just a couple of minutes to practice being mindful and being present.

Guidance can come internally and externally. But it may not always come in the ways you would expect.

It’s important to keep an open mind and to trust that the guidance will come, maybe not this minute, but it could be in the days and weeks to come. You only need to ask once.

Keep in mind that assistance is available to you by your spiritual team if you ask. Due to free will, they will not interfere unless you give them permission to do so. Thus, to receive you must ask.

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With Love,

Sara Monk is a Conscious Living Writer & Teacher, Certified Advanced Crystal Master, and the Creator of the Crystal Companions Program. Sara is passionate about helping those on a spiritual journey reconnect with their hearts so that they can create the life of their dreams.

Featured Photo Credit: Sara Monk

What helps you minimize mind chatter in times of stress? Let me know in the comments below!

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I'm Sara! A writer, teacher & visionary dedicated to helping you live in alignment with your heart so you can create a life you love. Learn More → 

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