Are you looking to purchase a crystal for a friend, but you don't know how to ensure that the crystal you choose is right for them? Learn how to intuitively buy a crystal for someone else inside of this post. #crystals #crystalsandstones #crystalshops #buycrystals #crystalsfor #consciousliving #intentionalliving #intuition #spirituality #spiritualawakening #stonesandcrystals
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How to Buy a Crystal for Someone Else

Are you looking to purchase a crystal for a friend but don’t know how to ensure that the crystal you choose is right for them? I’ve got you covered!

Whether you are searching for a specific type of crystal, a crystal for a particular purpose, or you want to surprise your crystal-loving friend with a crystal to assist them on their path, the following steps will help you intuitively buy a crystal for someone else.

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Wondering how to choose the best crystal for your friend? I've got you covered! Inside this article, I share the step-by-step process of crystal selection for someone else. Read the article here! Crystals | Crystal Gift | Crystal Healing | Gifting Crystals | #crystalgifts #crystalsandstones #intuition

How to Intuitively Buy a Crystal for Someone Else 

When I went crystal shopping for a friend for the first time, I wondered how I could get the best crystal for her. I knew I couldn’t just go to the store or shop online and pick a random crystal, nor could I look up each crystal’s purpose in a crystal book and have one picked out before I even entered a store.

First, you never know what a store will have in stock, and second, a crystal that works for one person for a specific purpose may not do the same for the next person.

I knew there had to be a way to choose a crystal that would resonate the most with my friend and that I had to find that crystal by using my intuition. So I experimented and devised a system to shop intuitively for another person. And I’m sharing my process of intuitively buying a crystal for someone else inside this post!

Note: Have you read the How to Choose a Crystal That Resonates With You post? I recommend you check that one out first because this article builds upon the steps found in that first article. 

1. Visualize the person in front of you

Imagine that your friend is standing in front of you. See as many details of the person you are purchasing for as you can. Tune into their energy by repeating their name a few times in your mind. 

2. Call on Archangel Michael 

Next, before connecting with spirit, I recommend calling on Archangel Michael to ensure that only you and your friend’s highest good comes through. 

I like to say: “Archangel Michael, please watch over this __________, to ensure only my highest good and the highest good of _________ come through. Thank you for your assistance.”

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3. Call forward their spiritual team to assist you

Next, it’s time to ask for divine assistance to assist you with your intention. You can call forward your friend’s spiritual team to assist you in choosing the best crystal for your friend. 

I use the term “spiritual team” to mean your spirit guides and angels that are here to help you on your journey in this lifetime. Every person can call on spirit. You do not have to see or even feel them; simply set the intention and call them forward.

Book Recommendation

If you are new to the idea of spirit guides and angels and are interested in learning more, I recommend checking out the book Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette. This book assisted me greatly when I first started on my spiritual journey.

Get the book here >>

Inform your friend’s spiritual team of your intention of purchasing a crystal, and ask them to assist you in choosing one that is in alignment with your friend’s highest good at this time. And if you have a specific purpose in mind, for example, a crystal to help them with ________, let them know that too. 

You can ask your spiritual team to help translate any messages or signs from your friend’s spiritual team, as they are the ones in alignment with your vibration. 

4. Pay attention to the crystals that catch your eye or pop into your mind. 

Your intuition will be your best guide when choosing a crystal for your friend. Whether you are shopping online or in person, pay attention to the crystals that catch your eye or pop into your mind.

You may be attracted to a group of crystals visually. You may have the name of a crystal or stone pop into your mind. You may see a glimpse of a crystal in your mind’s eye. Or a specific type of crystal might just feel right.

There’s a reason why these crystals will catch your attention, trust they are coming up for a reason. 

5. Choose one

All crystals and stones are unique on the individual level. So even though you’ve narrowed your search down to a specific type of crystal or stone, you need to take it one step further and pick the individual crystal that catches your attention. 

To do this, you can ask the crystals or stones, “Who would like to work with ______?” And whichever one sticks out to you, attracts your attention, feels right on the energetic level, or you have this deep knowing that it’s the one, choose that one. 

When I went shopping for my friend recently, I set my intention and passed tables and tables of crystals and stones until my friend’s name suddenly crossed my mind. When that happened, I knew that I was standing in front of the right group of stones for her. I then asked which one wanted to connect with my friend. And I found myself visually attracted to a specific stone, and when I picked it up, I felt a tingling feeling in my hand. And that’s when I knew I had the right crystal for my friend, and she loved it!

Now not all online crystal shops allow you to choose the individual crystal that you purchase. They will often use their intuition to select one for you from the crystal type you selected. Don’t let this deter you!

If you find yourself attracted to a specific stone or crystal, set the intention that whatever crystal comes your way will be the best one for your friend, and trust that it will. To help you get started, you can check out my favourite crystal shops here.

And that’s it. By following these steps, you can buy a crystal for someone else with confidence. And once you have done this process a couple of times, it doesn’t take long. You can use these steps to buy anything for another person; it doesn’t need to be a crystal.

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With love,

Sara Monk

Featured Photo Credit: Sara Monk

How have you used your intuition to buy a crystal for someone else? Let us know in the conversation below!

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I'm Sara! A writer, teacher & visionary dedicated to helping you live in alignment with your heart so you can create a life you love. Learn More → 

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