Interested in finding the perfect dream dictionary to interpret your dreams? I've got you covered. Learn all about the best dictionary for you inside this post! Dream Interpretation | Meaning of Dreams | Dream Meanings | Symbol Meanings | Spirituality | #luciddreaming #dreamsymbols #spiritualgrowth #dreaminterpretation
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The Best Dream Dictionary to Interpret Your Dreams

The world of dreams has invariably had a special place in my heart. For one, I’ve always had a very active dream life at night. The colours and the sensations so vibrant and realistic. For another, I always felt that there was meaning to my dreams and that they were important.

The search for a good dream dictionary began at a young age. Whenever I stumbled on a new dream dictionary, I had to have it. But I quickly realized that some dream dictionaries were better than others. And after years of searching, I’ve come to understand what the best dream dictionary is, and I will share that with you inside this post. 

Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission at no additional cost to you if you love something as much as I do.

Interested in finding the perfect dream dictionary to interpret your dreams? I've got you covered. Learn all about the best dictionary for you inside this post! Dream Interpretation | Meaning of Dreams | Dream Meanings | Symbol Meanings | Spirituality | #luciddreaming #dreamsymbols #spiritualgrowth #dreaminterpretation

The Search for the Best Dream Dictionary

I stumbled upon my first dream dictionary inside of an Avon catalogue as a child. I had always been intrigued when it came to my dreams; the fact that a book existed on the topic was mind-blowing. I had no idea that such things existed, but now that I did, I knew I wanted that book badly. I informed my grandmother, and before I knew it, the book arrived at my house. 

My first dream dictionary did not disappoint; it was a daily adventure discovering the meaning behind the various symbols. I would wake up each morning and compare my dreams to the symbols inside that book. And with every day that passed, I found myself wanting to know even more; and so my journey into the realm of dreams began.  

When I brought home my second dream dictionary months later, I found myself baffled. I had set down my dream dictionaries side by side on the floor and compared the symbols’ meanings. And I quickly learned that they differed from book to book. They were not, therefore, universal symbols like I initially believed.

I felt cheated and disappointed when I had this realization. How could there be so many different meanings for a symbol? Why were the books different? How could I trust either of these books if they are so different from each other? I didn’t understand. 

As the years went by, whenever I stumbled on a new dream dictionary, I brought it home with me. “Surely, this next book will be even better than the last,” I thought. However, whenever I opened a new dream dictionary, I realized that not all of the meanings resonated with me. I found that the books lacked the interpretations matching how I felt about a symbol or image. Sure, there had been parts of every dream book that resonated with me, some more than others, but I still hadn’t found a book that completely resonated with me. 

Why you will never resonate with any dream dictionary on all levels

After years of searching for the best dream dictionary, I realized that finding a dream dictionary that resonates with me on all levels is not possible. Why? Well, for the simple fact that symbols are uniquely individual.

For example, the colour red may mean passion for one person and anger for another. One symbol can have various meanings depending on the person dreaming of it, their frames of reference, and the context in which the colour red comes up.

Symbols are the language of the subconscious mind. Our subconscious minds communicate in images and symbols that we can relate to and decipher to understand their meanings when in the waking world. The meanings we attribute to individual things or even the whole as a collective will vary among individuals.

You will never resonate with another person on every single level, let alone find a book that does. The reason? Because no one else is you. It’s as simple as that. 

The dream dictionaries that I liked the most over the years were, in fact, the ones that resonated the most with me

Interested in finding the perfect dream dictionary to interpret your dreams? I've got you covered. Learn all about the best dictionary for you inside this post! Dream Interpretation | Meaning of Dreams | Dream Meanings | Symbol Meanings | Spirituality | #luciddreaming #dreamsymbols #spiritualgrowth #dreaminterpretation
Photo Credit: Andrew Neel

The Best Dream Dictionary

So you might be wondering what the best dream dictionary is; after all, I did tell you that I would share that with you. So here it goes: The best dream dictionary is the one you write yourself

We tend to look outwards for meaning when it comes to our experiences, but the true meaning is found by looking within

Your intuition will be your best guide when deciphering the meaning of symbols and images you receive in your dreams and the waking world. That said, it takes practice and time to do this like anything else. Here are a few steps to get you started:

Create Your Dream Dictionary

(1)  Buy a journal

This journal will be your dream journal. Keep it on your bedside table, so you can access it as soon as you wake up. 

(2) Document Your Dreams

Get in the habit of writing out your dreams every morning as soon as you wake up. Note any symbols, images, words, feelings, sensations, people, etc., that you can recall. 

(3) Write down the possible meanings of your dreams

Take a look at the symbols you wrote down and the context of your dream. Then write down any possible meanings that come to mind for each symbol and the dream overall.  Also, think about the current events taking place in your life when you are considering the possible meanings of your dreams. 

Now this will take practice. But over time, you will be able to compare your dreams and find the symbols that come up most commonly for you. The important part is to journal daily so you can find those commonalities. 

(4) Write down the symbols and meanings in your dream dictionary

In a separate journal or word document entitled “dream dictionary,” write down the recurring symbols and the possible meanings that you’ve discovered. It will be your reference guide to the symbols that come up in your life and dreams. 

Tip: Another way to discover the meaning of symbols is to close your eyes, state a word to yourself, and see what image comes up in your mind’s eye. For example, if you think of the word “love,” what do you see? Write down the word and the associated image. These associations are part of your subconscious language and will be helpful when it comes to deciphering the meaning of your dreams. 

A Book to Help You Explore the World of Symbols

Even though the best dream dictionary is the one you write yourself, you may still be looking for a resource to better understand symbols and their possible meanings. To start exploring the world of symbols, I recommend you check out Dream Images and Symbols by Kevin J. Todeschi.

Kevin recognizes that dream dictionaries are not meant to be all-inclusive, nor does he pretend that his book has all the answers. His book is a great starting point for discovering a symbol’s many meanings

Keep the meanings that resonate with you, and discard the rest. Dream Images and Symbols is my favourite dream dictionary outside of my own. I use this book as a reference when I feel stuck on a symbol and what it could mean. 

Dream Images and Symbols – A Dictionary

This is my favourite book on symbols! It contains over 2,500 dream images and 10,000 interpretations. It’s a great book to get you started with interpreting your dreams.

Get Dream Images and Symbols Here >>

So now you know what the best dream dictionary is, four steps to get you started, and you learned about a resource to help you explore the world of symbols. All you ever need is already inside you, sweet friend. Allow your intuition the opportunity to lead the way, and you may be surprised at what you discover. 

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With Love,

Sara Monk

Featured Photo Credit: Andrew Neel

What tools do you use to interpret your dreams? Let us know in the conversation below!

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    I have always wrote my dreams on paper.
    They have good meanings

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I'm Sara! A writer, teacher & visionary dedicated to helping you live in alignment with your heart so you can create a life you love. Learn More → 

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