Wondering how to choose a crystal that will assist you the most with your intentions? Inside this post, I'm going to give you the steps so you can have confidence in knowing that you are choosing the crystal that's going to assist you the most with your intention. #crystals #choosingcrystals #stones #crystalsandstones #stonesandcrystals #crystalintentions #crystalsfor #crystalhealing #energyhealing #spiritualawakening #spiritualpath #spirituality #intentionalliving #consciousliving
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How to Choose a Crystal That Resonates With You

If you are here, chances are you’ve heard about the benefits and healing aspects of stones and crystals. And you are interested in trying crystals out for yourself. But perhaps you are unsure how to begin your crystal journey. Or maybe you wonder how you can be confident that the crystal you choose will assist you with the purpose you have in mind. If this sounds like you, you have come to the right place.

Inside this post, I’m going to give you the steps so you can have confidence in knowing that you are choosing the crystal that’s going to assist you the most with your intention.

Wondering how you can be confident that the crystal you choose will assist you with your intention? Learn how to choose a crystal that resonates with you inside this post! #crystals #choosingcrystals #stones #crystalsandstones #stonesandcrystals #crystalintentions #crystalsfor #crystalhealing #energyhealing #spiritualawakening #spiritualpath #spirituality #intentionalliving #consciousliving

How to choose a crystal that resonates with you

1. Set Your Intention

Before you can choose a crystal to assist you with “something,” you need to know what that “something” is. 

To begin, write down the reasons why you want to connect with crystals. Ask yourself, “What would I like crystals to assist me with?” And then choose one reason – the most important one, or the one you’d like to work towards first – this is going to be your intention

2. Ditch the books

Before you jump to your favourite crystal resource book and start looking up crystals for your intention, I’m going to ask you to stop. Right. There. 

Don’t get me wrong; crystal books are great resources. But your intuition is going to be your best guide when it comes to choosing crystals. The truth is, everyone’s body is different, and every crystal is unique. So a crystal that may work for somebody in a book may not actually work for you for that purpose. 

We will use your intuition as your compass to choose a crystal that will assist you the most with your intention. 

3. Crystal Shop or Collection?

Will you be purchasing your crystal, or do you already have a crystal collection to choose from? If it’s the latter, then head to the next step. For the former, let’s talk about this for a moment.

When it comes to buying crystals, you will want to choose a crystal shop (online or local) that resonates with you

When I first started on my crystal journey, there were around six crystal shops in the city closest to me. New to the area, I did not have very many connections, which meant recommendations by word of mouth were few. So I wondered how I would decide where to go, and I wanted the shop with the best selection and price.

I made the hike and began visiting a shop whenever I was nearby. The first couple of shops did not resonate with me very much at all. One of them had such an intense incense smell going on that I had a migraine when I left the store I went home feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, wondering if I would find a store that worked for me.

That night I set the intention to find the right crystal shop for me, and I asked my spiritual team for assistance with my intention. Around this time, I was taking a channelling class, and I met a woman who invited me out to her house one day; and on that visit, she brought me to a different crystal shop that I hadn’t been to previously; this store became my go-to shop for crystals.

And you know what – after that day – I never heard from that woman again. And I knew after that her purpose was to guide me in the right direction for a shop that resonated with me. My request for assistance from my spiritual team was answered.

If you don’t already have a favourite crystal shop, set an intention to find one and ask for universal assistance

You can check out my favourite online crystal shops here to get you started.

Note: It is important to research who you are buying your crystals from. Unfortunately, there are fake stones and crystals out there on the market. One way of knowing if it is a reputable vendor is by looking at the reviews on their site. Word of mouth recommendations is also a great resource to help you on your way. 

4. Choose a Crystal

Whether you have your crystal collection in front of you, you are looking at crystals in an online shop, or are standing in the middle of a crystal shop – your intuition is going to be your best guide in choosing the crystal that will assist you the most with your intention. 

To choose a crystal, simply hold your intention in mind, and pay attention to any crystals that catch your attention. 

Maybe you find yourself in front of a box or picture of tiger’s eye that caught your eye, and you wonder which tiger’s eye is meant to be yours. Which stone catches your eye? Is there a shape that looks pleasant?

If you are shopping online, choose the crystal or stone that feels right energetically to you. Whether a crystal is catching your attention visually, or you just know that it’s right for you, trust your instincts. 

Now online crystal shops don’t always allow you to choose the specific crystal you will receive when you purchase. And that’s fine, don’t let that stop you from buying online. Simply set an intention that the crystal you receive will be the best one for you. And certain crystal sellers will use their intuition to choose a crystal that will be best for you too. So you can trust that you are getting the best possible crystal companion to assist you with your intentions.

If you are in a physical crystal shop or standing in front of your crystal collection, you can pick up the crystal or stone that is catching your attention. Now depending on which intuitive senses are your strongest, you may feel the energy of the stone. 

Clairsentience is one of my strongest intuitive senses that allows me to feel a tingling feeling in my hand when I am holding up a stone that resonates with me and my intention. For one of my friends, it is the feeling of heat in her palm. For others, it could be that it just feels right. You’ll know what feels right to you

And even if you didn’t have a specific intention in mind, but you were out shopping with a friend or browsing Instagram when you suddenly find that a crystal is catching your attention, trust your instincts. Often the crystals that you are attracted to are the ones that you need at this moment

There is a reason that they will catch your attention. As Philip Permutt says, “The crystals you are attracted to may reflect qualities and values you want to bring into your life.”

For example, say you were attracted to amethyst and selenite at the store. And when you bring them home, you decide to look them up in your favourite crystal reference book, and you find out that they are both beneficial for insomnia. And, you have been having problems sleeping. It is no coincidence that you brought them home with you. I believe you’ve been guided to these crystal companions to assist you during this difficult time. 

When you find that crystal or stone that feels right – it is time to bring it home and connect with it!

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By trusting your intuition, you will always choose the best crystal to assist you with your intentions. Your intuition is your guide, and it’s time to trust it. And remember, what works for me may not work for you! So find out what works best for you. 

Interested in learning how to confidently integrate crystals into your daily life? Learn more here >>

With love,

Awakened Soul Perspective

Featured Photo Credit: Sara Monk

What methods do you use to choose your crystals? Let us know in the conversation below!

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I'm a Writer, Entrepreneur, and Visionary dedicated to help you live your best life through Conscious Living. Learn More → 

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  1. Rhiannon says:

    Great guide for buying crystals! Many of mine came to me as gifts, or I have stumbled across them, but I am definitely looking to add to my collction. I didn’t know much about fake crystals! This is definitely something to watch out for. Thanks for the heads up!

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