Interested in connecting with spirit? Learn about the three essential steps to take any time you consciously connect with spirit inside this post. These steps will help to protect, ground, and connect you. #spiritualawakening #connectingwithspirit #spirituality #intuitivereadings #clairvoyance #energyhealing #cardreadings #consciousliving #intentionalliving #grounding #energeticprotection
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How to Connect With Spirit

Whether you are interested in meditation, energy healing, card readings, or receiving spiritual guidance in general from your spiritual team, there are three essential steps to take anytime you consciously connect with spirit. These steps will not only create a clearer connection with spirit, but they will also get you centred and will serve to set boundaries and protect you.

Interested in connecting with spirit? Learn about the three essential steps to take any time you consciously connect with spirit inside this post. These steps will help to protect, ground, and connect you. #spiritualawakening #connectingwithspirit #spirituality #intuitivereadings #clairvoyance #energyhealing #cardreadings #consciousliving #intentionalliving #grounding #energeticprotection

How to Connect With Spirit

(1) Set Boundaries

Anytime you decide to connect with spirit on the conscious level, it is essential that you protect yourself. You always want to ensure that you are connecting to energies that are there for your highest good. And by doing so, you are setting boundaries by clarifying who you want to communicate with or receive guidance from. Boundary setting is important because anyone can attempt to communicate with you when you do not have boundaries in place. 

To begin, you can ask Archangel Michael to come forward. I ask him to watch over me anytime I am meditating, healing, or doing readings. You can say, “Archangel Michael, please watch over me as I _____________ (insert activity here) to ensure only my highest good comes through [if I am connecting with another person, I also add, “and the highest good of _________”].”

Stating my intention to connect with only those in alignment with my highest good is often all I need to do for this step. However, when I connect with another person’s energy for a reading or energy healing, I will take it one step further and set up a protection wrap around myself.

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(2) Ground Yourself

Next, after you set your boundaries, it’s time to ground yourself. Grounding assists you in getting centred, focused, and present before you connect with spirit. I know when I am ungrounded, I am often scatter-brained, and my mind goes all over the place. Grounding assists me in getting focused and connected to the present moment. 

Grounding also provides you with an opportunity to release anything no longer serving you to the centre of the earth. Clearing your energy field before connecting with spirit and anyone else’s energy is essential. You want to be as clear a vessel as you can before working with anyone else.

To ground yourself, visualize a cord of energy connecting you from your root chakra down into the centre of the earth. Next, imagine the earth’s energy travelling up from the centre of the earth through your cord up into your body. I like to visualize this energy as bright red energy. Choose any colour that represents the earth’s energy to you. Then imagine the things that are no longer serving you are an energy. Give it a colour. And  visualize this energy releasing down the cord into the centre of the earth where it is cleansed. Continue to visualize the earth’s energy coming up into your body from the earth for a few moments.

(3) Connect to Source Energy

After you ground yourself, it’s time to connect to source energy. When you consciously connect to source energy, you open a channel to receive spiritual guidance. Connecting with source energy will assist you to have a clearer connection with spirit. 

To get started, visualize a column of light energy from above coming down through your crown chakra. You may see or choose a colour that represents source energy for you. For me, I see this energy as a golden/white shimmering energy. Visualize this light energy travelling down into your body. Next, visualize earth’s energy and source energy swirling together in your heart chakra. Visualize a small amount of earth’s energy going up through your crown chakra and a small amount of source energy travelling down the rest of your body through your grounding cord. Continue to see these energies meeting in the heart chakra and flowing through the body for several minutes. 

When you are done, open your eyes. And repeat the following affirmation: “I am protected, grounded, and connected.”

Next Steps

You are now protected, grounded, and connected to source energy. Next, it’s time to proceed with your card reading, clairvoyant reading, energy healing, meditation, direct writing exercise, etc. There are many ways to connect with spirit. Choose the method that speaks to you. 

At the end of your session, be sure to disconnect from the other person (if you are working with someone else). And always thank Archangel Michael and your spiritual team for their guidance and assistance with your session. 

And there you have three steps to assist you with connecting with spirit. I use these three steps daily. Whenever I am doing energy healing, card readings, intuitive readings, meditating, writing, or any other time I want to connect with spirit and my higher self, I make the intention to protect, ground, and connect myself. 

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With Love,

Awakened Soul Perspective

Featured Photo Credit: Blake Barlow

What are your favourite ways to connect with spirit? Let us know in the conversation below!

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I'm a Writer, Entrepreneur, and Visionary dedicated to help you live your best life through Conscious Living. Learn More → 

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Hi, I'm Sara Monk

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